Binding the Professor (Positions of Power #1)


The last thing I needed was the all-consuming lust that Professor Andrew Bind made me feel. Why does he have to be so hot? I’d tried sitting as far away from his perfect face so I didn’t spend the whole class dreaming about sitting on it. But now I’ve realized these feelings aren’t going anywhere, no matter how hard I try. Today I’m taking matters into my own hands. It’s about to get extremely awkward or very complicated.


I’ve never looked at a student in a sexual manner, but Maya’s writing has me connecting to her in an unexpectedly intimate way. Whether she means to or not, her assignments are enigmatic and alluring. Maybe I’m just reading into it. It doesn’t help that her body makes me want to clear my desk to make room for…other activities. But the employee handbook is clear: No romantic relationships with students. I was determined to keep my hands to myself until Maya made it clear she wanted to tie them together. 

Binding the Professor is a stand alone novella full of passion, desire, and forbidden romance with a satisfying HEA.

Released: 5/23/2023

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Pucking the All-Star (Positions of Power, #2)

Cover Coming Soon

A bad boy hockey romance with 1) a possessive love interest 2) reformed bad boy 3) close proximity setting 4) fake dating.

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Coming: July 2023

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Lusting After the Lawyer (Positions of Power, #3)

Cover Coming Soon

Blurb coming soon!

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